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SEARFE on show at Science in the City

Science in the City is a hands-on exhibit of science in its many forms and related scientific professions. It ran during Science Week 2002 at the Australian Museum and was visited by thousands of school students from K-12, their parents and teachers and, on the Sunday Open Day by interested members of the public.

The exhibition provided an opportunity for visitors to as questions and try out a myriad of scientific activities, broadening their understanding of Science, Maths and Engineering and the jobs that these could lead to.

The SEARFE project was featured on the UTS Engineering booth and visitors were very interested to find out not only what the project is doing but also the links between radioastronomy, astronomy, engineering, and telecommunications. Each day a number of girls from Abbotsleigh were there to demonstrate what they had been involved in so far with the SEARFE project and to chat to the visitors about the implications of their research. Thanks to Emily and Eileen who were able to add their experiences from Kimba earlier in the week and thanks also to Britt, Calise, Alexandra, Elspeth, Eleanor, Claire, and Catriona. The exhibition gave us an opportunity to run a lot of scans, some of which have been posted to the SEARFE data site. 

It was a very busy five days with perhaps 10,000 visitors in all. It was interesting to see how interested the primary school students were and how much they understood of what we were trying to achieve through SEARFE. Some even recognised the picture of the Square Kilometre Array telescope on display.




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