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Useful Links

Our Supporters & Sponsors page has links to the university departments and programs involved in SEARFE.

There are also many resources available on the web that can help directly with this project or extend your understanding of radio spectrum use and electromagnetic radiation.

Use Google and Anzwers or other web search engines to find answers to the questions you have.

Some searchwords might include (if you find others let us know)

  • SKA telescope
  • cosmology
  • electromagnetic radiation
  • electromagnetic spectrum

Some sites that are particularly relevant include

Clickable site Why it is useful
Square Kilometre Array Find out what the SKA is
CSIRO Discover what Australia's largest science organisation is up to.
Australia Telescope National Facility For research on radio astronomy in Australia
NASA Science  
The LOFAR project The Low Frequency Array, which ATNF is looking at being involved in.
Electromagnetic Spectrum  
Jaycar Electronics This site has a downloadable pdf chart of Australia's analogue and digital TV broadcasting bands (Adobe Acrobat Reader needed)
How Stuff Works Go to the ElectronicsStuff section for information and explanations about how different electronic devices work
SETI@home Help search for extraterrestrial intelligence with a screensaver
Dick Smith Click on "Technical Data" then "RF communications"
Satellite frequencies WXSAT Frequencies
Australian Communications Authority This site has a register of spectrum licences in licence categories. You can search for licences in your area by selecting Search for Spectrum Licence and then Search by Latitude/Longitude. Or you can experiment using the many other options at that site.
Careers with Radio Frequencies  
Make your own radio frequency equipment  
More web resources about engineering There are several links on engineering in telecommunications
Australian Latitudes and Longitudes Useful to find the latitude and longitude of your suburb (if you are in Australia) for entering in the "location" details in the SEARFE Spectrum Scanner software.

Astronomy on the Go
UNSW Outreach Programme featuring SEARFE

Article for the IAU General Assembly Sidereal Times by Michael Burton
Analysis of SEARFE Data from Schools Visited by Andrew Chan & Daniel Heppel
Summary of SEARFE Data from Schools Visited



Australia Telescope National Facility