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ACT Canberra SEARFE Project Launch, Dickson College, 17-Mar-2004

Katy Gallagher MLA (ACT Minister for Education, Youth and Family Services) representative Karin MacDonald MLA launched the SEARFE Project in Canberra, ACT at Dickson College on 17 March 2004. The programme of the launch was:

9.40 Welcome by Dickson College Principal, Ms. Sue Northmore.
9.45 Overview of the project by SEARFE Project Coordinator Dr. George Warr.
9.50 Talk by Dickson College graduate Ms. Alexandra Cambpell-Wilson's on her experiences of involvement in the SEARFE Project
9.55 Minister’s address and ACT Canberra Launch of the SEARFE Project

Present at the launch were:

Ms. Sue Northmore, Principal, Dickson College.
Ms. Sandra Box, Senior Physics Teacher, Dickson College.
Dr. George Warr, SEARFE Project Coordinator, CSIRO ANTF.
Mr. Duncan Campbell-Wilson, Manager Molonglo Observatory, University of Sydney.
Dr. Peter Churchill, Director, Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex.
Dr. John Dunn, Director of NASA Finance.
Mr. Darren Osborne, CSIRO Education.
Ms. Margaret Stephenson, Executive Officer, Researching With Scientists Project, CSIRO Education.
Ms. Helen Sim, Communications, CSIRO ATNF.
Ms. Alex Campbell-Wilson, Dickson College graduate who worked on the SEARFE Project in 2003.
Dickson College Senior Physics Students.

Apologies were received from Wayne Chandler and Thelma Perso (ACT Deparment of Education); A/Prof Robert Hewitt and Dr Jenny Nicholls (Science Foundation for Physics, University of Sydney); Senator Kate Lundy; Vicki Stavropoulos and Kath Kovac (CSIRO).

From left to right ?, ?, Alex Campbell-Wilson, ?, Sandra Box, ?, Duncan Campbell-Wilson at the launch. [Click on image for higher resolution image.]

Karin MacDonald MLA launching the SEARFE Project in Canberra, ACT at Dickson College on 17 March 2004 [click on image for larger image].

Left to right: Sue Northmore, Karin MacDonald MLA, Peter Churchill, Sandra Box, John Dunn and George Warr.





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