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NSW HSC Syllabus References

There are three HSC subjects for which the SEARFE Project is particularly relevant. Below are excerpts from these syllabuses that relate to radio spectrum

Physics pp 24-28, 60 and 72

  • Perform a first-hand investigation to gather information about the frequency, amplitude and velocity of waves using electronic data-longing equipment (24)
  • Plan, choose equipment for and perform a first-hand investigation to gather information to identify the relationship between frequency and wavelength of a wave travelling at a constant velocity (24)
  • Solve problems and analyse information by applying the mathematical model v=fλ to a range of situations (24)
  • Solve problems, analyse information and use available evidence to identify the waves involved in the transfer of energy that occur during the use of one of mobile phone, television, radar ((26)
  • explain that the relationship between the intensity of em radiation and distance from a source is an example of the inverse square law I 1/d2 (26)
  • Outline how the modulation of amplitude or frequency of radio waves can be used to transmit information (26)
  • Communication technologies as applications of reflection and refraction of em waves (27)
  • Astrophysics - Our understanding of celestial objects depends upon observations made from Earth or space near the Earth (72)

Engineering Studies pp 42-44

  • Telecommunication - describe the basic concepts of:
  • analogue and digital systems
  • modulation, demodulation
  • radio transmission (AM, FM)
  • television transmission (B/W, colour)
  • telephony - fixed and mobile
  • transmission media - cable, microwave, fibre-optics
  • satellite communications, geostations
  • distinguish the communication bands in the em spectrum

Senior Science pp 55-57, 75

  • Information Systems Topic 9.4
  • Space Science - Option 9.9

The entire syllabuses for these subjects can be viewed and downloaded from the NSW Board of Studies website.



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